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More than a million visitors from around the world visit Solvang each year to admire the architecture, ride the horse-drawn trolley, indulge in the popular Danish aebleskiver pastries, visit Mission Santa Inés, explore the local wineries, and enjoy the peaceful country life. S is for Solvang: an ABC offers children and adults alike a delightful way to learn about this charming town on the central coast of California.

S is for Solvang: an ABC celebrates the area’s diverse and fascinating history in a fun and novel way: one alphabet letter apiece for 26 of the town’s features, both the iconic and the less well-known. Why is Solvang known as “Little Denmark”? What is that tower, and why is it round? If “A is for aebleskiver,” what will B, C, and D spotlight? Drawing on fun facts, and with lively storytelling, S is for Solvang explores the area’s historical diversity – from the indigenous Chumash through the Spanish and Mexican eras and to the town’s Danish beginnings – in a charming book for all ages.

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About the Author

J is for Jane! Jane Faulkner has been the literature librarian at the University of California, Santa Barbara for over twenty years and received a master’s degree in library and information science at UCLA with an emphasis in children’s literature. She grew up in a family of avid readers in a house filled with books, and from an early age she has been reading and collecting books about California history and the lives of women and children in California’s early days. She also has an extensive collection of children’s primers and vintage ABC books.

After moving to Solvang in 2017 Jane began keeping notes (in alphabetical order, like a true librarian) as she learned about the area’s diverse history and culture, and soon came up with a way to combine her interests in both local history and alphabet books.  S is for Solvang: an ABC is the result. Jane spent years at school in England and France and she has traveled extensively across the world, but at heart she is a Californian. A former competitive cyclist and two-time California state road bike champion, these days nothing gives her more pleasure than cycling in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley with her husband Kim. Jane has three grown sons.

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S is for Solvang cover

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